Say you’d like a nice favicon, but you don’t want the hassle of making one. Favicodes is a service to dynamically generate favicons from unicode characters. (A singular favicode is a favicon generated from Unicode.) Favicodes can be further customized through GET query parameters. This makes it quick and easy for anyone to generate a favicode without leaving the text editor.


  • Favicodes may contain up to 2 glyphs, side by side

  • Generates png or ico output (png default)

  • Font defaults to Google Noto Sans (Mostly Latin characters by default for now, all character sets supported by Noto will eventually be supported in all styles)

  • Can also generate any of the glyphs from FontAwesome Free 5.8.1

  • FontAwesome glyphs can be specified by hex Unicode code point or their proper names, eg. “f005” or “star”

  • But wait, all characters can be specified by their Unicode code point

  • Text can be resized, colored or placed anywhere on the x, y axes

  • All font styles available for both FontAwesome Free and Google Noto Sans

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